personal no. 1

By Stephanie Marie
Jan 5th, 2014

It’s the first Sunday of the new year, so let’s dive right in… I’ve been completely obsessed with planning out my year this week; with so many projects on my plate, so many more I want to take on, and a fresh new home in Greenville, it’s the perfect time to start 2014 out on the right foot.

The overall intention for 2014 is making this the Year of Connection. I want to give more than I get— literally (volunteering, mentoring, being part of various communities that have done so much for me); figuratively (giving love and kindness to everyone I interact with); and technically (social media isn’t just going to be about promoting myself, this space isn’t just going to be blabberings about my life).

With all that as my guide post, I did several things to prepare for 2014:

1. I wrote down my top 14 projects on scraps of paper, then organized them in order of priority. Some were broad and overarching (“Running,” “Passion Projects,” “Contributing,”) while others were super specific projects that I want to focus on this year.

2. From there, I wrote out goals for my three biggest projects: Running, Be Loved, and Fête. I wrote out as many as I wanted– anywhere from 12 – 25 goals / intentions for these worlds.

3. Then, I went back to the 14 projects and jotted down my three biggest goals for each one– things that I felt confident I could actually accomplish in the next 360 days.

4. Like the crazy girl I am, I wrote out TWO separate monthly goal lists— one for the blog and one more general one. I chose an overall focus for each month, so that I can start each one with some direction and not just wander aimlessly like in years past. For example: January’s General focus is this blog’s redesign and January’s Blog focus is the redesign, a giveaway, and “getting back on the horse” as far as my editorial calendar and postings go (can you tell I’m ready for this damn redesign to be done?)

5. I wrote out 10 “Resolutions”. The first five are daily practices I want to make habits; three are weekly habits to form; and two are indulgences– because putting yourself first is a must in this day and age!

-Meditate daily -Write daily -Read (non-digital material) for 15 minutes a day minimum! -Ancillary exercises daily (which include squats, planks, leg lifts, push-ups) -spend 30 minutes a day on “extra” email– all those notes or opportunities I miss because I don’t make time to focus on email! -Write one letter a week -Volunteer once a week -Have a DIY/craft day every week (because I can talk the talk, but never actually do those projects I want to do) -get a massage/physio work twice a week -indulge in $100 of magazines once a month

6. And, most importantly, I came up with two daily routines— one hour in the morning, one hour at night– to put all of these ideas into practice. I’ve stuck to it every day so far and it’s working out wonderfully.

So– whew! Is the new year busy or what? I’ve spent a ton of time this week redefining and refining this space. I keep promising a big redesign and I swear it’s nearly ready… I’m confident that a new look and feel will compliment Fête’s new purposes perfectly. Stay tuned! It’s going to be a fun, successful, ultra fulfilling year…

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? What is your intention for the year and what are your big goals? Have you put together a plan to bring your dreams to reality? It’s okay if you haven’t yet… let this year evolve naturally and have confidence in your path!

happy, happy sunday… 

5 Responses to “personal no. 1”

  1. […] probably start getting tired from our new and improved Resolutions-inspired schedules and the habits we’re trying to formulate might hit a plateau. As perky as waking up two hours early might be for me this week, by next week, […]

  2. Sara says:

    I’m so impressed (and inspired!) by your zeal for resolutions and productivity! I feel way behind the 8-ball this New Year’s because I was out of the country, and just returned yesterday! But I’m reallylooking forward to some brainstorming and note-taking about my blog and resolutions SOON! I like the idea for reading non-digital materials 15 minutes a day, and coming up with two daily routines to implement all the ideas!!! Way to go with this!!!

    • Stephanie Marie says:

      > Thank you Sara! I got a bit carried away this year, but I think I’m just so freaking excited for the year ahead that I couldn’t help myself!

      Definitely try to put together a basic routine that you can ACTUALLY follow. The problem with making grand goals and resolutions is that sometimes it’s hard for them to become real life habits. I had to make sure everything I wanted to do was a reality! Good luck with yours! xoxo

  3. […] actually kept my goal of meditating every morning going strong. It’s only five minutes at a time, but you have to […]

  4. […] probably start getting tired from our new and improved Resolutions-inspired schedules and the habits we’re trying to formulate might hit a plateau. As perky as waking up two hours early might be for me this week, by next week, […]

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