Happy Weekend! Links / Nov 30

By Stephanie Marie
Nov 30th, 2013

Happy holiday weekend! I hope you’re having a fabulous, relaxing, intimate Thanksgiving break, full of friends and family, Christmas movies, and a plethora of leftovers. It’s hard to believe 2013 is coming to an end… thoughts of year-in-review posts, and wrap-ups, and reflections on the year and what it’s been for me have hit me hard– how did we get here so quickly?

Sigh. What a beautifully cozy little home– wouldn’t you love to wind up here for the holidays? image via The Gifts of Life 

In case you’re craving some distractions, must-reads, or inspirations over this lazy weekend, some lovely links–>

-Bookmarked! Peanut Butter Mousse Pieyum!

-A super fun questionnaire– 10 questions to ask on a first date. Think of them as ice breakers… I’ve been asking the girls these questions on our long runs, so it works for friend dates too!

-This is so beautiful. I’ve been so attracted to enchanting prose these days…

-A fabulous new project by one of my favorite bloggers.

-Advice from America’s longest-married couple. “Relationships shouldn’t be hard work. Relationships survive because of luck and happy willing effort.’ Some couples who “work their guts out” grow apart; others “cruise along, happily growing around each other like trellised roses.'”

-We’ll all be traveling a ton over the next month– a few podcasts to get addicted to.

-I adore this: a sweet way to include little ones in your grown-up celebrations.

-More enchanting proseswoon.

-Feeling so much connection with this right now! Kinsey’s latest post had me nodding my head fervently.

-Psst– did you see my latest styled shoot over on Style Me Pretty this week? Pro tip: it is over the top autumnal loveliness and you HAVE to give it a glance (please!). So very proud of this project and honored to work with such a massive list of creatives, especially my biz partner Jeannine.


happy, happy saturday! xoxo

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